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March 6th 2014

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Milano Pepper Mill

This high quality, classic grinder features sophisticated stainless steel geometry that brings out the best flavor and texture. It includes a durable ceramic grinding mechanism to prevent corrosion, plus multiple settings from coarse to fine. Mill has...

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Princess Cottage Birdhouse

This adorable birdhouse will attract wrens, finches, chickadees, and titmice. Back wall is removable for easy cleaning. Birdhouse is properly ventilated and has drainage holes. Bracket and hardware for mounting are included. Constructed of kiln-dried...

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Renew Medium Pillow

You'll be amazed at how the perfect pillow can inspire a totally renewed outlook on life! 345 thread count 100% cotton batiste with Maggie's hypoallergenic Downy-Loft synthetic. Color - white. Materials imported, Maggie-made in the USA. Care Instructions:...

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